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Curriculum Overview

At Tower Hill School we are committed to providing our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum that shows children how diverse and awe inspiring our world, its history and its cultures are.

It is our aim that the school’s curriculum will give our children the opportunity to experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning while understanding its purpose and value, seeing its relevance to their past, present and future. We want them to develop both new skills and a rich and deep subject knowledge, making clear links between different aspects of their learning.

Our pupils will learn in a peaceful and supportive environment, learning our School Values and how to respect themselves and others. They will build respectful friendships and develop self-esteem, resilience and confidence in their abilities. We will help them explore ways of becoming active citizens who make a positive contribution to their school and community. We will encourage them to express their opinions on a range of different topics and issues.

Our curriculum is taught through a pedagogy that excites, promotes and sustains children’s interest by enabling and fostering their natural curiosity. It promotes problem solving, creativity and communication and allows children to reflect on and evaluate their learning.

We enrich our curriculum by giving children opportunities to learn outdoors and through providing on and off-site subject or topic related activities and residential trips. We hold specialist curriculum days and weeks and give children the opportunity to learn musical instruments and take part in music concerts.  

We have chosen Cornerstones to deliver our topic based curriculum. Cornerstones’ topic based approach enables us to provide a varied and stimulating curriculum to engage our children and develop and widen their cultural capital.

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