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Vision, Ethos & Values

Vision Statement

Grow Together” is our motto and this is evident in everything we do at Tower Hill. Within a warm, nurturing environment, we engage our children with high quality teaching, high quality learning and high expectations in everything we do.

Working in close partnership with parents, the whole school community strives to give our children the best possible start in life, so that their true and full potential can be reached.


We are proud to be a Values Hub (designated by the International Values in Education Trust), which means that educators from around the world may (and do) visit to see a Values in Education School in practice.

Instead of a long list of School Rules, we have Values. These are

  •  Respect
  •  Responsibility
  •  Positivity
  •  Resilience
  •  Honesty
  •  Aspiration
  •  Community
  •  Tolerance

Our children uphold our school Values and are proud to do so.

As part of this, we encourage our children to be good thinkers and listeners with P4C lessons (Philosophy for Children) and we speak to our children using the language of Values. This includes:

  •  Children reflecting on their attitudes and behaviours
  •  We don’t shout or raise voices or back children into a corner
  •  We re-phrase everything as a question
  •  We ask questions – so “Swearing is against our rules” becomes “Were you respectful towards her?......How do you think she felt?....?” 
  •  Other examples - “Have you really tried your hardest?” “What do you think we should do now to put that right?”  ”Did you show responsibility when you did that?”
  •  We ask other children and the class how something has made them feel and what their ideas are for rectifying the situation
  •  We use our values words as part of an ethical vocabulary

The impact of this philosophy is huge. Examples include:

  •  Behaviour throughout the school has improved and is often commented upon on school trips
  •  Children use an ethical vocabulary more
  •  Learning behaviours are improved – eg peer feedback, open verbal teacher feedback
  •  Parents aware and children are discussing at home 
  •  Higher aspirations
  •  Higher academic results
  •  Improved self-esteem
  •  Improved reflection and problem-resolution
  •  Comments from parents, visitors, children

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