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Bright sunshine greeted us on day 3 here at Liddington.  However, the smiles on our faces were soon wiped off when the instructors said it was one off the coldest days they have had this year at the centre. 


Our activities for the morning were Canoeing and Crate Stacking.  Mr Graham’s group got first chance to enjoy the heated canoe lake.  The heated canoe lake was just a pipe dream; touching the heavy heights of 2-3 degrees, but we were reliably informed they wouldn't let anyone fall in the lake.  Ryan our instructor has obviously never met this group before; everything was going swimmingly until we went into a game of 'World domination'.  George and Camron were determined to make short work of their opponents; George reaching out with his paddle to take another victim, but before they could say ‘Conquered’ they found themselves bobbling in the water!  In the five years of coming to PGL this was a first for me.


In the Crate stacking, all the children showed great teamwork, with everyone happy to join in.  All of them got their stack to at least 9 crates high!

After lunch the groups took part in Fencing and Vertical challenge.  Miss Gray and Mrs Hervin challenged the children to a duel.  They soon learnt the hard way as Josh Phoenix and Mary-Ann made short work of them.  The highlight of the fencing was the demonstration Mr Harte and our instructor, Tom did.  So the children could see clearly what to do, they decided to do their demonstration in ultra slow motion!  The comedy duo had the children in fits of laughter as they showed off their lunges, attacks and parries.   It looked more like a comedy sketch rather than a fencing lesson.

Our new favourite instructor Tom, also had the joy of taking us for Vertical challenge.  Believe me, this IS a challenge.  You need to climb up a rope ladder, 5 tyres, a climbing wall before a finishing on a cargo net to get to the summit.  In recent years we were lucky to see 1 child conquer the challenge . This year was slightly different.  Every child managed to complete the first part of the challenge, and then to my amazement, nearly half of them got to the summit!  This made me extremely proud, but also a tad nervous as I was last to climb.  What if I couldn't reach the top?  I would never hear the end of it!  Lets just say the children will need to wait another day to get one over on me!

Our evening activity was 'Passport to the World'.  This is basically orienteering in the dark, but also the freezing cold.  I was very impressed with their map reading skills, although when they managed to find the location, they had geography questions to answer about a different country.  The less said about some of the group's answers the better!  Mr Harte, our Geography expert, might have been glad he had left by this point.  Lizzy did impress everyone with her knowledge of different countries and cultures around the world.

When we arrived back to our rooms Mrs Hervin had a lovely surprise of hot chocolate ready for everyone.  This was greatly received by the children, and very well deserved by them after braving the cold weather in the evening.

Tomorrow sees the arrival of Mrs Jones and four new activities for the children to enjoy and have a go at.

See you Friday
Mr Graham

Listening? Are we listening? Is everyone listening? Please, can we listen?!!

Apart from listening skills that leave a lot to be desired, the year sixes have been fantastic so far! When we arrived at Liddington, we all had our lunch then played, played and played! Kieran, Callum, Lizzie, Dylan, George and Lewis played non-stop for about an hour and a half! Amy, Amber, Isla, Maaisha, Ruby, Rebecca and Megan showed everyone their excellent gymnastic skills! Then, Mrs Hervin put every to shame by doing a headstand! We were all suitably impressed. Mr Harte wasn't as impressive...

Once we had seen our rooms, we went to the big dining hall for a lovely dinner - enjoyed by all. Then it was time for Ambush...! Ambush requires one group to hide in the dark, dark forest! The other group would then have to be very quiet (in theory) and try find them! It turns out Mr Harte's class found being quiet a challenge when they were searching for Mrs Jones' class. However, when it came to hiding, Mr Harte's class were completely silent! After some tense, scary games, Mrs Jones' class won!

Much to the delight and surprise of the teachers, the year sixes went to bed at a reasonable time and were quiet for the whole night! Result!

After a nice breakfast on Tuesday, the children got into their groups for their first proper activity. Throughout the day all the children had a go at Jacob's Ladder, abseiling, tunnel trail and problem solving. Jacob's ladder involves the children being harnessed up so they can climb a huge ladder! It sounds a lot easier than it is! Charlie was the first in Mr Graham's group to reach the top, which only a few manage. She was fearless. In Mrs Hervin's group, Amber also did really well, she managed to get almost to the very top! Mason was a speed demon up the ladder which impressed the instructor.  In the tunnel trail, Mr Graham's group would still be in there if it weren't for Kylan. Kylan lead the group, crawling in pitch black, mud and cold water through an underground maze. He stayed calm and lead the group back into daylight! In Mrs Hervin's group, Ellie was at home in the dark, she said she loved it because Rosie was screaming the whole way round!
Lewis lost a bet with Mr Harte over the abseiling, which meant that Mr Harte gained a few sweets! Ms Gray overcame her fear and managed to abseil with only a fews screams. Maaisha also beat her fear and loved it so much she did it three times! 

All-in-all, the children have had an amazing time so far and they're ready to face more challenges!


The class have arrived safely. Updates to follow!

We all arrived with anticipation, shortly after 12pm Monday.  After our lunch we played a few games in the activity barn, and then the children then found out who they were rooming with.  They all seemed happy with their room mates.
During Monday evening we played a Liddington classic, ‘Ambush’, where the children split into class teams (Mr Harte's class V Mrs Jones' class) and set off to hide; leaving clues for the other team to find them.  The idea being that the hiding team can cleverly misdirect the team into the trap of an ambush.  They had great fun and Mrs Jones' class were the overall winners.  
Tuesday will see us start our daytime activities; which are Tunnel Trail, Jacobs Ladder, Abseiling and Problem Solving.

Let’s hope the forecast is wrong and the rain stays away, either way though, I’m sure the children will enjoy their first full day of activities here at Liddington!


Signing off, 

Mr Graham


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