Day 3

Trapeze after breakfart. AMAZING!!! Dave the instructor explained it brilliantly, a fabulous encourager!  Everyone had a go. Even Mrs Hervin. The group took turns taking photos on ipad. Lots of great memories. We have laughed so much. Ace. 

Day 2

We are very very VERY tired after a busy day doing lots of new activities and facing fears. We've just walked around the world in 2 hours!!! Children are longing for the benefit of a good night sleep (so are the staff!!) Pyjamas are on and card games are being played. Bring on tomorrow!

Mr Harte

And from Dawn
Had another really uplifting day. The weather has been very kind. The group leader, Thomas, could not be more helpful.  Group 1, Mrs Hervin's, did map reading. It certainly challenged her! Navigation not her thing. The vertical challenge saw all the group get to the tyres. With LP and OT both reaching the top. Zip wire was fast lots of brave no hands descents. Is that true hands free learning! Ha .Aero ball was 4 trampelines in 1. The winners were called team slick. MF JW KP. Last task was dark map reading. Big teams and torches. So worth it!

Regards Mrs Hervin

Day 1

We had a great game of ambush! Mr Harte's and Mr Heath's team won! It was a fairly okay night. Ollie has to come into the corridor at 10.30 to tell Mr heath and miss gray off for laughing too loud! All the children are in good spirits and can't wait to start today's activities. Harry has joined us and is keen to do as much as possible. So far, the boys are winning with the tidiest rooms but we shall see if they can keep it up. The food has gone down well. I think that's about it for now! 


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