School policies


Administration of Medication Policy

Allegations Policy

Annual reports/financial information

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Anti-Bullying Policy

ASC Food Policy Review

Attendance Policy

Behaviour policy

Charging Policy

Charging Summary for Parents

Charging information for parents

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy

Conditions of use of Photography

Consent Form School Trips and other off site activities

Early Years Foundation Policy

Equality Plan

Films in School

Food Policy

Home School Agreement

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Kitchen Safety and Hygeine Policy 

Medical Condition Policy

Parental agreement for schools to administer medicines

Parents' Guide to Facebook

Peer on Peer Policy

Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers

Privacy Notice for Pupils

RLT Health and Safety Policy

RLT School Journey Summary

RLT Public Liability Insurance Certificate

School Trips Agreement

SEN Information Report

Separated Parents Letter

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Single Equality Statement

Social Media Policy

Special Educational Neesds and Disability Policy

Tower Hill Behaviour Principles

Using Images of children

Whistleblowing policy

Young Carers


Term menu

New Autumn menu from September 2018

Term Dates

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