Pastoral Support Workers


We have two Pastoral Workers at Tower Hill School – Claire Lawrence-French and Heidi Bridges-Martin.








• Offers support and encouragement to children and their families, parents and carers

• Helps to improve communications between families and Tower Hill School

• Helps promote positive behaviour

• Enables children and parents to discuss concerns or worries in a safe and secure way

• Work with individuals in a flexible way to best support children and their families

• Helps children grow in confidence and enable them to enjoy participating in life at school and beyond.

• Helps families and children to access services, resources, local community information and support

• Offers individual guidance and parenting support

• Helps children and families to improve attendance and punctuality at school

• Listens in a non-judgemental environment and offers support and solutions

• Helps children to get the best out of their time at Tower Hill School

• Helps children and their families who are experiencing changes and offers support on a wide range of issues that may impact on family life

• Offers help with completing forms and other official paperwork including relevant referrals for children to outside services


• Children who are withdrawn, anxious or have friendship issues

• Parents/carers who are finding managing the child’s behaviour difficult

• Parents/carers whose children are not attending school

• Children/parents/carers who are experiencing difficult changes such as bereavement or parental separation or where issues are impacting on family and school life, such as illness or domestic violence.



• To ensure all children enjoy school and are happy and secure.



• Parents/carers, can ask us to become involved.

• With the consent of parents/carers we will explore the difficulties and problems as well as strengths to identify the best way forward,

• Contact Heidi or Claire during term time on 01993 702599 or email or, or via your child’s teacher, or call the office to leave a message

  1. Pastoral Support Workers we will listen to you with respect and treat what you tell us as private. (Although if a safeguarding issue is identified, we are bound by law to follow school procedures). Being a parent or carer can be the most fun and rewarding thing in the world, but it can also be challenging. On a day-to-day basis day, most of us don’t have anyone to tell us if we are getting it right or doing a good job or not. When times get tough, or even just when things are not quite right, it can help to have someone to talk to. We facilitate a weekly Family Links group to help support parents, please ask us for more information.

If you have a concern about your child’s wellbeing you can ask to speak to one of us. The school may also suggest the Pastoral Support Workers involvement. Together we will work out the best solutions and ways forward. We will try at all times to support you and your child and we will always remember that their welfare, safety and happiness is the priority. We will try and make sure that your child enjoys coming to school, to get the best out of what the school has to offer and is a happy participant in all of the school activities. If helpful, we will obtain additional support from outside agencies. We will stay in touch with you for as long as you need and want the support.

The Pastoral Support Workers are available in school from 9am – 3pm. Please note that due to Safeguarding guidelines we are unable to provide additional support outside of the school day. We can signpost parents to other organisations that are able to help at these times.


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