Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for the great job you are doing teaching your children at home. I know it is not an easy thing to do and even as a teacher I am finding home educating a challenge! You and your children have probably been finding your way this week and developing a routine. We are really pleased that you are all engaging with Google Classrooms. If you are having problems remember you can message your child’s class teacher via Google Classroom or contact the school.

  1. is a new experience for the teachers too and we are quickly relearning so that we can be more effective ‘virtual’ teachers. Some feedback has been that work is too challenging for children to complete on their own, but also that some children want extra work or more challenging work. For the children to keep learning new things there will need to be some support and help from parents and carers. I know this is challenging, especially if you have 2 or more children, so thank you for the support you are able to give. I have listed below some websites where you can find additional work for your children. Please do keep engaging with Google Classrooms as this allows the teachers to see how the children are doing too, but also explore these sites and see what works for you and your children.

Most of these are free during the school closure period.

Khan Academy is great if your children want more challenge in maths. We really recommend this site. It’s American and uses their grade years. Pre-Kindergarten = Reception, Kindergarten = Year 1, First Grade = Year 2, Second Grade = Year 3, Third Grade = Y4, Fourth Grade = Y5 and Fifth Grade = Y6.

Year 2 – Year 6 should know their logins for this. They could be doing this daily. This is great for learning times tables.

Hit the Button is great for teaching younger children their number bonds. Good for older children who want to practise times tables and doubling/halving too.

Great website for Nursery, Reception & Year 1 children to learn phonics. Free for computers and laptops, but may be a charge for the app on phones and tablets.

Oxford Owl has free e-books for all ages which will keep your children busy reading for weeks.

Brilliant mini-lessons and revision games from the BBC for all subjects.

Science, History and Geography from National Geographic Kids.

Interactive maths games and reading comprehension sheets can be found on Classroom Secrets.

Twinkle has loads of printable resources that are easily accessible to children. Good place to go to if your children are finding the work on Google Classroom a bit too challenging.

Lots of maths work can be found on Top Marks.

Maths, phonics and reading from Pearsons. More resources are due to be added.

Maths learning that many Tower Hill children use in school already.

Loads of Shakespeare themed English and Art ideas and activities.

David Walliams is reading a story each day at 11am.

The whole world has probably heard of Joe Wick’s daily workouts by now, but just in case you haven’t had a go do try it. It’s really important to keep ourselves active and this is great.

Go Noodle has lots of fun activities to keep your children active.

This is good for younger children.


Other home learning ideas

Read books with, to your children. You can’t do too much of this.

Write stories with your children or create picture books with them and then share them with their friends over Skype or Google Hangout.

Play board games with your children. They are great for teaching turn taking and listening skills. They also help younger children to learn to count. If friends have the same game as you could try and play together using Skype or Google Hangout. You could even try and make your own board games.

Art – Get creative! Any art is good for wellbeing, develops children’s imaginations and builds fine motor skills. Try any of these:


Remember this is new for all of us and you are doing an amazing job. We are still here to support and help you if you need it.


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