Year 1, Term 3

     Stomp, crash, roar! Watch out – there are dinosaurs about! Yes, that’s right, we’re travelling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. This half term, we’ll visit the Natural History museum and look closely at ancient fossils. We’ll learn about the great fossil hunter, Mary Anning, and follow in her footsteps, studying dinosaur teeth and bones to find out what dinosaurs liked to eat. Learning dinosaur names, writing fantastic fact files and creating exciting dinosaur poems are some of the other activities we’ll be involved in this half term. We’ll also use our artistic skills to draw or paint dinosaurs and to design dinosaur landscapes. At the end of our project, we’ll invite you to a dinosaur party to share our knowledge with you. We’ll invent some dinosaur games to play and amaze you with the facts we have learned.

Subject area

What we’ll cover


Fact files, dinosaur poems




Programming a small robot and debugging our program.


Creating a Dinosaur Stomp dance




Identify and name some common animals, understand what herbivores and carnivores are.


The life of Mary Anning, life beyond living memory.


Locating continents and oceans.


Help your child prepare for their project:

Dinosaurs are fascinating! Why not visit the library, choose some dinosaur books and practise reading and writing dinosaur names together? Alternatively, research amazing dinosaur facts together online. You could also make a mini Jurassic Park from cardboard boxes and craft materials to make model dinosaurs feel at home!


Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your children are ready to come back to school. Where has the time gone?

Our topic this term is ‘Dinosaur Planet’ and it promises to be a great one. For more information about it, see the curriculum plan on the website.


In a few weeks, we will be introducing spellings as part of their morning work. These will be based on words that they find tricky to read or spell so they won’t all have the same words. Please feel free to help them for the first few days as it can take a while for the children to get the hang of the new routine.


Just a few reminders:

Please could all clothes be named? We have put quite a few jumpers and T-shirts in lost property because we couldn’t find their owner.

Children need their book bag every day just in case they read. Please remember to fill in their reading record book and let us know when they reach one of the milestones- 25,50 reads etc. We like to celebrate these with the class.

PE is on Monday with Mr Graham and this will be outdoors so they need long trousers and trainers. The other session this term is on Thursday and is Dance so the children don’t get changed for this.

Please don’t let your child bring toys into school unless it is their birthday or you have spoken to us first. We’re always worried that they could get lost or broken.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, just ask us and we can find a time for a chat.


The Year One Team

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Year 1 Term 2

Hop on board a big, red bus and head for England’s capital. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our way to London! This half term, we’ll pretend to take tea with the Queen and visit Buckingham Palace online. Using maps and research, we’ll locate Buckingham Palace, understand compass directions, plan routes around London and learn about the countries of the United Kingdom. Our research will take us back in time to the Great Fire of London and to famous London landmarks, as well as giving us an understanding of what it’s like to live in a big city.


Subject area

What we’ll cover


Comic strips, speech bubbles, reading superhero stories.


Superhero words, designing a superhero


Internet safety, searching for images of superheroes, making a class PowerPoint presentation.


Making masks, tasting fruit, using cutting skills to cut fruit.


Making sounds with our hands, playing percussion in different ways


Healthy eating, parts of our body, senses


Florence Nightingale, comparing to modern hospitals.


Help your child prepare for their project:

Superheroes are fantastic! Why don’t you visit the ‘Featured characters’ page on the Marvel website and read about famous superheroes together? You could also work collaboratively to invent a superhero. Draw a picture, make a costume or write a story together featuring the new superhero. Alternatively, read a children’s comic together. Talk about the characters and how they behave. Are any of them superheroes?

Year 1, Term 1 September 2018

Welcome to Year 1. I hope you all had a relaxing summer.


This term our theme is ‘Superheroes’ and this will be the focus for a lot of our learning.

In Science, we will be learning about parts of our body, our senses and how to stay healthy.

Towards the end of the term, we will be observing and describing the signs of Autumn and comparing it to other seasons.


In History, we will learn about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole- real life heroes-and will be comparing them to nurses that work in our hospitals now.



We will continue to focus on reading so please carry on hearing your child at home and reading to them as well. Please record this in the new reading record books and give out the special stickers at the right time. In the class, we will soon introduce Group Reading where a group of children read the same book with an adult.

Mrs. Hervin will be teaching RE on Monday afternoons and she will be telling the children stories about the importance of Harvest.

Mr. Graham will take PE on Monday- an outdoor session when possible, so the children will need trainers and an outdoor kit- and I will teach indoor PE on Tuesday.

Snack: we will provide the children with a snack in the morning but we know that some children still prefer to bring their own.

We have been very impressed with the way that the children have settled into Year 1 and we hope that this is a sign of wonderful things to come!

A final reminder: please could all clothes be named so that we can return them to their owners?

Term 1 Topic web


As always, if you have any concerns just pop in and see us or find us on the playground in the morning.


Best wishes,

Jane Bennington and Erica Street-Poulsen


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