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Term 4 

Welcome back to term 4. I’m very pleased to report that this term has got off to a flying start. Everyone is full of energy and raring to learn as much as they can!

We will continue to learn one or two new digraphs (2 letters making one sound, as in day) or trigraphs (3 letters making one sound, as in high) each week as well as new ‘tricky’ words. The children are doing very well building our tricky word wall in class. Please do remember to practise the tricky words on the bookmarks regularly. If you would like a new one please see Mrs France. We would encourage the children to practise their reading at least 3 times a week at home. Please encourage your child to sound out unfamiliar words and look carefully for digraphs they know. Books will be changed when your child places their book bag in the box or when they finish a book in school.


This term our focus will be on writing words, phrases and sentences. Please do not worry about spelling at this point – it is much more important that children write down all the sounds they can hear and develop their confidence.


Munchy Mondays continue to be a roaring success and this term we are thinking about cheese. So far we have discovered it is not made from Marmite! We will be tasting different cheeses starting with Cheddar and Emmental and moving on to taste cheese straws amongst other things. Recipes will continue to come home where they are relevant. Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with your child and helps develop maths and English skills. If you try any of our recipes (or indeed find others) please do upload pictures of your culinary creations to Tapestry.

One final plea – please can you regularly check that your child’s uniform is still clearly labelled with their name on all items. We understand parents’ frustration when items are lost but by checking that clothes are always labelled we can hopefully avoid this as much as possible.

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Thank you for your continued support,


The Reception team.

Term 3

Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

This term the children have voted to taste different cookies and cheese in the Monday Munchies sessions. We will be using these sessions to find out a little bit more about the countries of the world and where our country is in relation to them. First on the list is shortbread from Scotland! Each week we will send home a recipe linked to what we have tasted for you to try at home. Cooking is a great activity to do together and will help your child develop skills in maths (weighing, reading scales), reading as well as helping to encourage trying new foods. We hope you have lots of fun making these recipes and would love to hear all about your cooking. Please do upload a picture of your creations onto Tapestry and we will share it with the class.

The children are making good progress with their reading and are beginning to try writing notes to us and each other. This is an important and exciting step. Do encourage your child to write all the sounds they can hear in a word. But please don’t worry at all if their spelling isn’t quite right yet, it’s more important to have the confidence to give it a go!

Some children are not bringing their book bags each day. Please ensure your child has theirs so we can read with and to them, change their book if necessary and record this in the reading diary.

A gentle reminder that water bottles should only contain water please……

Term 2 

To see the latest 'Fresh Air Friday' photos, please cklick here.

I hope everyone had a great half term holiday. The children have come back to school even more ready to earn and enthusiastic than before.


This term we will be starting Monday Munchies, a session designed to help the children learn about food and where it comes from. We will taste different foods and find out how they are made and where they come from. This term we will be thinking about different breads and towards the end of term we are going to make our own bread to bring home. If you would like to make some bread at home, click here for a yummy banana bread recipe



The children are making good progress with their reading and I hope in the next few weeks that most children will bring home a reading book to show off their skills to you at home. As well as letting your child impress you, please do keep reading to your child and foster a love of stories and facts by making sharing books together.

Christmas will soon be here and we are getting ready for our part in the play ‘A King is Born’. Listen out for the songs they will be singing any time now…..!

You can download the topic web for term 2 here



We have settled into school so well, that everyone who visits us, needs to be convinced our children have only just started school. We have thought up a motto for our class which is “Reception class never give up” and every day at least one child can be heard to say this! We are all very impressed by the children’s determination and increasing independence.




Everyone is making good progress in recognising and writing their own names. Please encourage your child to do this as often as possible at home. We are tuning our ears into letter sounds and playing lots of I spy and rhyming games as well as becoming more familiar with counting from 1-10 and matching amounts to numbers.





As always if you are unsure of anything or have a question to ask please do pop in and speak to a member of the Reception class team.

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