September 2016


London’s Burning




Welcome back as Year 2 children! I am really looking forward to teaching your children. This year I will be joined by Mrs White, who some children will know from last year. She will be our full time Teaching Assistant.


Our Topic work will cover learning all about the Great Fire of London, and also comparing London then to as it is at present. In English we will begin with some instruction writing, and then using a short novel, Toby and the Great Fire of London, to explore characters and also write our own story based on this book.


We will continue with Read, Write Inc Phonics, Spellings and reading daily. This year there will be a huge focus on reading and also reading comprehension. We will be teaching more guided reading, but will still read with some children individually. Please continue to read and share books at home with your child. They will be awarded a house point if they read with you three times and you sign their book each time.


PE will now be taught twice weekly, with Mr Graham on Monday each week and myself on Fridays. Please ensure your child has kit in school, including trainers and jogging bottoms, jumpers etc as the weather gets colder. We will be taking the children outside whenever possible. It is part of the curriculum and the children will take part unless we have requests from parents not to.


Finally, we have been given super new water bottles by the PTA. Please ensure your child brings their bottle in daily as we are not able to supply hygienic cups in large quantities for drinks.


I am sure we are going to have an amazing year!


Mrs Moody

Year2 teacher and Key Stage 1 leader


Morning spellings

Read, Write Inc phonics, spellings- including grammar and punctuation.

Guided/group reading.


Non-fiction Writing: instructions- how to make salt dough bread.

Based on reading and exploration of class novel- Toby and the Great Fire of London.

Character descriptions.

Diary Writing: linked to Samuel Pepys.

Toby’s day – diary entry

Write and illustrate own story based on the novel.



Number- week 1,2

Place Value-

Count in steps of 2,3,and 5 from 0 and in 10s from any number, forwards and back.

Recognise the place value of each digit in a 2 digit number (tens, ones)

Identify, represent and estimate numbers to 100 using different representations including a number line.

Compare and order numbers0-100. Use < > and = signs.

Use place value and number facts to solve problems.


Science: Year 2 Programme of Study

Uses of everyday materials:

Identifying and comparing the uses of a variety of everyday materials. This will be linked to our Topic work by investigating materials used in London in 1666 for building, and comparing with materials used today.

Learning about changing shape- how the shapes of solid objects from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending etc.


Understanding what an algorithm is. Linked to instruction writing in English.



Constructing model houses of 1666 linked to Topic.

Water colour wash using hot colours- red/orange/yellow

Design and make a new stained glass window for St Paul’s Cathedral from card and cellophane.


Year 2

Term 1 September 2017

‘London’s Burning’



Music Express

Christmas play


Introducing ourselves, numbers, colours, days of the week, months and seasons.



Topic work- History:

Study of an important event beyond living memory- The Great Fire of London, including exploring the character of Samuel Pepys and the significance of his work. Links to English.



Fitness for PE


Team Building skills



Stories from several religions related to ‘Fire.’

P4C &Values:


Growth Mindset introduction


Locational knowledge: name, locate and identify the countries and capital cities of the UK, and the surrounding seas. Geographical skills: use maps, atlases and G Earth to identify the above.

Study of London & River Thames – in 1666 and compare to present day.



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